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Thomas R. Monks Esq.

I have handled hundreds of accident claims and lawsuits and have successfully litigated against large corporations for defective product injuries; construction contractors for injured workers; hospitals for malpractice injuries; and architects for faulty building design among others.

Since 1983 I have limited my practice to representing accident victims, predominantly those with severe injuries. I have been responsible for several multimillion-dollar recoveries. Once I am retained, I will personally handle your case. I will be in direct contact with you from the start of your case to its conclusion. Your case will not be assigned to an associate or paralegal. I will work personally with your doctors to obtain the evaluations and documentation necessary to substantiate your claim. I will seek out qualified forensic experts to prove liability against those who have injured you, and to establish all of the physical, emotional, and monetary damages you have suffered. I will deal directly with the insurance companies, to get you all available coverages and benefits, to provide for you and your family while your case is pending, and to maximize the eventual settlement of your case.

Contact me directly for NO COST initial case evaluation by phone @
(585) 232-3900 or by e-mail trm@tmonkslaw.com . The sooner you contact me, the better our chances of a successful and timely resolution to your case.

I have over 25 years experience with Personal Injury related cases.